Build Strength and Avoid Injuries
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More and more people are suffering from pain and injuries due to weak and rigid physical conditions. Athletes are at high risk for injuries and pain due to repetitive motion, contact sports, or stress fractures. It may surprise people to realize both groups, along with virtually everyone else, can build strength, become more flexible, relieve pain, and avoid future injuries via the same means and techniques. The couch potato, the average person who gets some exercise, and the athlete all benefit from Pilates and physiotherapy.


Trained and accredited physiotherapists can help people heal from injuries, minimize the risk of future injuries, and deal with pain. Targeted exercises, massage, ultrasound, and heat are used to reduce swelling and pain to an area of the body. Upon healing, clients are provided with exercises to do at home to strengthen muscles. Knee problems, back and neck pain, mobility, and balance issues are also improved through physical therapy. People interested in sessions can see here for more details.

Regular Classes

Participation in a wide variety of classes will also help people avoid injuries, manage pain, and improve physical conditions. Movements are gentle and safe to align the body and mind, promote proper posture, and improve agility. Stretching, breathing, precision, and control, among other principles, are at the center of this form of excise. Due to the low impact approach, classes are appropriate for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities.

Complete assessments of range of motion, strengths and weaknesses, gait, and typical movements are conducted before people start classes. This introductory session also includes a conversation about personal goals, commitment levels, and realistic expectations. This process helps professionals determine which class is the best for each new participant.

What to Expect

Those new to the approach can expect to tone and strengthen the body, become more flexible, slim down, and become fully aware of the mind and body. Wear comfortable clothing and socks as shoes are removed before classes begin. Some classes are completed entirely on a mat, some on reformer machines, and combination classes are offered as well.

Class Types

Experienced studios and facilities, such as Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy, offer a wide range of classes to accommodate everyone. Classes for children, pregnant women, stretching, rehabilitation, and a combination of mat the machine techniques are available, along with six other types of classes. Private and semi-private classes are also available. For class descriptions, pricing, and to book a session visit peakpilatesgroup.

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